What's the number one tip you give to leaders of businesses when met with their concerns around industry "disruption"?

Don’t panic, oxygen in the brain gives you a chance to think and learn.  A commitment to learning as fast as the world is changing will be a critical compliment for success in the future.

In your opinion/prediction, do robots have the potential to steal the role of real estate agents in the near future? 

I view robotics as an opportunity to increase your ability to manage relationships and add value.  Embracing evolving technology will define future growth markets.  Making sure the value you bring is highly focused, crisp and understood by your customers.

What attributes make a truly great leader? 

#1.  A Commitment to prepare for every meeting, conversation and interaction. 

#2. The ability to listen, digest and respond with speed. 

#3. Make precise decisions on eliminating toxic people from your world. 

#4.  The ability to embrace learning.